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Toyin Aimakhu’s Ex-Lover Egbegbe Acquires New Luxury Car, Says “She Disappointed Me”  

I just think that this guy is being childish, you are comfortable enough to date any single lady, get married to her and live your life decently. So, why are you having “headache” over another man’s wife?

Saying things like; after all I did for Toyin, I gave her my Range Rover to improve her level as an actress, I did this, I did that for her, yet she brought me shame, is simply unnecessary.
Dear Seun Egbgbe, Toyin is married, help her resolve her marital issues if truly you are a good friend to her or leave her and get one of the many single ladies out there to date. That’s the wise thing to do.

…he showed off his new ride on his IG page. Congrats on that!

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