Tragedy 100 car Accident: 2 dead, 42 injured Near Incheon International Airport, South Korean


South Korea 100 Car Pileup

Two people were killed and about 42 were injured after a pileup involving about 100 vehicles in foggy weather on a bridge near the Incheon International Airport, South Korean officials said. Eight of the people who were rescued were seriously hurt and the number of the injured could increase, according to Byeon Tae-u of the Incheon Fire and Safety Management Department.

Kim Seong-han, an official from the Incheon Seobu Police Station, said emergency workers have yet to reach all of the damaged cars on the 4,400-meter (14,400-foot) cross-sea bridge on the highway from the airport to the capital Seoul. B9kaxR7IEAAY85KThe crash occurred in the morning in a Seoul-bound lane and was likely aggravated by thick fog and icy road conditions, Byeon said. In a televised briefing, Kim Moon-won of the Incheon Jungbu Fire Station, said that about 100 cars were involved in the pileup. It was not immediately known what started the pileup.

Damaged vehicles are seen on Yeongjong Bridge in Incheon



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