Tragedy As 20 Year Old Pakistani Woman Was Gang Raped, killed & Hanged On A Tree


1The news of A 20 year old Pakistani female identified as Muzammil Bibi found strangled and hung on a tree after resisting rape attempts by three men, has circulated. Police in Pakistan say the young lady was accosted by the men in a field at the densely populated Punjab province and when she tried to resist being raped, they beat her up, raped her, strangled her and afterwards hanged her on a tree, local media reports.Speaking on the incident, Pakistani Senior Police Officer, Sadaqat Ali Chohan expressed shock, saying this was the first time such a thing would happen in Pakistan. “This is the first time in my 22 years of service in the police that I have seen such a case where a girl was raped in this way and found hanging from a tree. We have heard of such cases in India but never in Pakistan. The girl’s clothes were torn. We took her down and moved her to hospital. Her body had signs of resistance. We have arrested three individuals who have confessed o the crime” he said.Police said her parents spent all night looking for her and found her body hanging the next morning. Only last month, a similar case was recorded in India where two female cousins were gang raped and later hanged from a tree.

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