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UK passport holders can visit 173 countries without a visa

article-2442398-187E2A0100000578-752_306x423 The UK’s citizens are on a par with those from Finland and Sweden for visa-free access – while nine out of the top ten in a new index are European Union countries, with only the US based outside.article-2442398-187E14EE00000578-733_306x423

Afghanistan comes bottom of the table, with only 28 countries available for entry without a visa, while Iraqi passport holders can go to 31, and Pakistan and Somalia are tied in third-worst with 32.

Front cover of a Swedish passport

Useful: A Swedish passport is as good as one for the UK or Finland for visa-free access, according to an index

The study by residence and citizenship planning group Henley & Partners found the other EU countries in the top ten are Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands.

The organisation has been producing an annual Visa Restrictions Index since 2006, to represent the freedom of travel for passport holders, as well as the international relations and status of countries.


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