UK To Deport Man Over wife’s Low Income


Michaelengels+natalie-and-daughterUK To Deport Man Over wife’s Low Income, The South African, Michael Engel, is set to be deported from the United Kingdom (UK) after a court ruled that his British wife’s salary was not high enough. Mr. Engel, a 31-year-old living in Cornwall, said he and wife Natalie plan to go back to South Africa with their 18-month-old daughter Nyana. A Home Office spokesman said the rules were designed to stop foreign spouses from becoming reliant on UK taxpayers. The report shows that the couple were told of the immigration tribunal’s ruling after they had appealed on the grounds of a right to family life. Responding, Engel said the “bizarre” Immigration System Rules were “attacking British citizens”. However, under the rules that were introduced in 2012, British citizens who want to bring a foreign spouse to the UK must earn £18,600 a year and a further £3,800 – a total of £22,400 – if the couple have a child. Mrs. Engel’s business made £19,786 in 2014 which was deemed not enough by the tribunal panel, which met on 3 December. She said the decision made her feel like her family was being “kicked out” of the country.

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