Unlimited Mobile Browsing: TunnelBear VPN Using Your BIS On Androids & iPhones


    TunnelBear is the world’s easiest to use consumer VPN software that securely “tunnels” your internet connection to locations around the world. TunnelBear can be used to protect your privacy, to bypass internet censorship and to experience the internet as people in other countries experience it. After you have successfully installed TunnelBear on your computer, iOS, or Android device, you will need to head over to a browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer and use the internet from there to find your content. SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>
    How To Use TunnelBear
    Here are the steps:

    Download TunnelBear Here

    If you want to use TunnelBear on your PC or Mac, you will have to load up the TunnelBear application that you downloaded to your computer.

    If you have an iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) or Android app, load up the app and sign-in from there.

    A sign-in through the website is also available which can be used to access Account Overview and Options:

    Please note that using the VPN through the website is not possible and has to be done through the application or PC/Mac, iOS, or Android.

    How To Use TunnelBear On iPhones And Androids
    1. Make sure TunnelBear is turned ON.

    Using the computer application, simply turn the knob to ON.
    Using the iOS app or network installation, go to “Settings” -> “VPN” -> click ON for VPN.
    Using the Android app, simply turn the knob to ON.

    2. Go to Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer.

    3. Use the internet to find the content you are looking for. Enjoy!

    Having connection problems on your iPhone?
    Verify that TunnelBear VPN is turned on

    Click on “How do I use TunnelBear” on the top left corner of the app for instructions, or just go to Settings (outside of TunnelBear)  -> VPN, and make sure
    you choose a country (US or UK) and switch VPN to ON.
    Delete all other VPN profiles

    Verify that no other VPN network profiles are installed on the device.

    VPNs are services similar to TunnelBear. Go to Settings (outside of TunnelBear)  -> General -> Profiles and delete all VPN profiles from there other than

    Check your data usage level

    Make sure you do not run out of data if you are on a free plan.

    Look at the fuel meter on the top right corner of the app.

    Upgrade by clicking on the bear “Upgrade” icon on the bottom right of your screen.

    Or take advantage of our Twitter promo to receive a free GB for the month by clicking on the Twitter icon on the bottom left of the screen.

    Re-install the profile

    If all else fails, re-install the profile by first by following these steps:

    1. Click on the gear icon located on the top right corner.
    2. Click on “Reinstall Profile”.
    3. Click on “I’m Ready”.

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