UPDATE! Two Nigerian Muslims Behead A Man In Woolwich, London


It is sad that while we are grappling with the myriad of problems we have here at home, some Nigerians who find themselves outside the shores of the country are bent on adding to our worries.On Wednesday, a serving soldier in the United Kingdom was attacked and gruesomely beheaded with a machete in broad day light in the Woolwich area of South London by two men in what is suspected to be a terror attack.
Sadly, the heartless killers have been identified as Nigerians…
The guy in the photo above is a British Nigerian identified as Michael ‘Muhajid’ Adebolajo. His father is said to be Anthony Adebolajo, a 56-year-old Nigerian trained nurse. The second guy is also believed to be from Nigeria, a country now described by the international media as “the troubled West African country”. SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The two killers are said to be Nigerians who were converted to a radical form of Islam. They attacked the soldier with meat cleavers following a car crash. Two black men in a blue Vauxhall car rammed into the soldier on John Wilson Street, then jumped out of their car and started attacking him with meat cleavers. An eye witness said the attackers were “chopping this guy to pieces, literally hacking at something like it was a piece of meat“.

Strangely, they waited at the scene for about 20 minutes until police arrived and even tried to kill the officers. They were shot and wounded by policemen who later took them to hospital. Investigation is on.
The guys shouted ‘Allahu Akbar‘ while chopping their fellow human being to pieces. How sad!
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