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VIDEO: How Alabi Olushola Generates Electricity With Potatoes ?

90414872a4857ab959fe95ef2d1905868b6b177aNigerians have gotten used to the erratic power supply through the use of generators and inverter batteries that consume lots of money and have health risks. Introducing Potato Power! Guess you didn’t know you could generate electricity with potatoes?

BattaBox‘ Presenter Adeola speaks to Alabi Olushola on how he invented this idea, what he uses it for and how it is done.

Alabi said “I know when you add positive and negative, it’s going to give you light… I don’t pay NEPA bill at home”.

He also said that he has been working on this project for about six years and got his invention to work this year. Talk about Tenacity!

Watch it here!

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