Video: BBAHotshots Celebration Of Tanzania’s Idris As He becomes the Winner of Big Brother Afirca 2014


idris-wins-hotshots_med-595x240Video: BBAHotshots Celebration Of Tanzania’s Idris As He becomes the Winner of Big Brother Afirca 2014, Idris becomes the winner of Big Brother Hotshots. vAfrica has chosen as Idris charmed not only the women of the house, he charmed the entire continent of Africa. Idris is now USD300 000 richer. Both are winners, Tayo played an amazing game but Idris is the ultimate winner and there is much joyous celebration. A popular winner indeed. Take a bow Idris, Africa salutes you. B4RkMOBIAAAzQZg.png largeThe Tanzania’s Representative Idris Sultan Won the 9th Edition of the Big brother africa Reality Show, and he went Home with $300,000! Yes! Thats about 54Million Naira in Our Currency. Sounds great.

B4Ri287CQAA7lvoHe’s only 21 Years. he Defeated Nigeria’s Representative Tayo.. Congrats To Him..

For those who didn’t follow the show right from its first season in 2003, the first African country to win the reality show is Zambia, and the money was won by the then 24 year old house-mate, Cherise Makubale.
She was, at the time, a procurement officer from Kitwe, Zambia.
Subsequent winners of Big Brother Africa that walked away with the much coveted prize of thousands of dollars are:

Richard Dyle Bezuidenhout from Tanzania -Winner of Big Brother Africa 2
Ricardo Venancio (aka Ricco) from Angola – Winner of season 3

Kevin Chuwang from Nigeria – Winner of series 4, Big Brother Revolution

Uti Nwachukwu from Nigeria -Winner of season 5, Big Brother All Stars

Karen Igho from Nigeria and Wendall Robert Parson from Zimbabwe – Joint winners of season 6, Big Brother Amplified

Keagan Mainza from South Africa – Winner of series 7, Big Brother Africa StarGame

Dillish Matthews from Namibia – Winner of Big Brother Africa 8, The Chase

IDRIS SULTAN Now the ninth winner of BBAhotshots.

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