Photos/Video: Full President Goodluck Jonathan Campaign Speech at the 2015 Campaign Flag Off in TBS Lagos state


jonadolfVideo: Full President Goodluck Jonathan Campaign Speech at the Campaign Flag Off in Tafawa Balewa Square TBS Lagos state, President Goodluck Jonathan was careful not to mention names so he wont be accused of attacking a personality rather than address issues, but it was obvious he was firing Muhammadu Buhari from all angles as he angrily reacted to the story that a deadly Niger Delta militant group, MEND, has dumped him (Jonathan) and endorsed Buhari, his main rival for the February 14 election. 10915246_10152518999835880_5238902163598970193_nGoodluck Jonathan tackled the issues frontally and took a swipe at his rival.

Dear Nigerians,

I may have presided over some of the most corrupt cases in Nigerian democratic history (fuel subsidy scam, missing $20bn, Malabu oil scandal, amongst many others); I may have abandoned many of the projects I started, or even squandered the huge oil wealth fund left by the Obasanjo administration; I many have rudely rebuffed you when you requested that I, The unquestionable King Nebuchadnezzar I, declare my account and property; I may have ignored your collective cries and yearnings for change for 5 years; even more I may have gallantly gone to campaign grounds or partied away moments after bombs exploded killing many citizens I promised to protect; I may have given up on Boko Haram and the killings in Northern Nigeria (after all they are just 6000+ lives); I may have promised you another bridge my Eastern friends; indeed I may have ignored the Chibok Girls hours after their kidnap (I seriously thought it was an opposition tactic even though I could have rescued them if I acted swiftly); I may have promised but failed to give electric power (obasanjo promised too); I may have done these and more “patriotic” things in just a little over five years but I ask you to re-elect me as President of Nigeria for another four years. I promise This time, the suffering and punishment that befell biblical Egyptians will be nothing compared to yours.


LAGOS 1Watch him speak in the video below.



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