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VIDEO: Lady Born Without Private Part Shares How She Eventually Got One

testimony VIDEO: Lady Born Without Private Part Shares Tesimony Of How God Recreated Her In The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement.

SIS DESTINY MOUKA was born 28 years ago without any definite private organ,i.e. No private organ,uterus,or fallopian tube. Her parents has a result of this situation has taken her to many specialists, hospital,herbal homes and house of prayers all to no avail. she (sis Destiny) kept on growing with this situation.

The problem became a burden to her,then she set out in search for the solution,she has been to hospital,native doctors, churches not until she came in contact with a CHOSEN MEMBER who invited her to THE LORD’S CHOSEN CHARISMATIC REVIVAL MOVEMENT in the year 2010,The Lord immediately began a work in her,Not too long a man came and ask her hand in marriage,she and her family explain the present conditions to the young man and he said no problem, accepted her & continue the marriage process with great faith that someday God of chosen will do a miracle in their lives.

And during a program Titled;”ONLY GOD CAN DO THIS” last year God did a miracle,he did “A RECREATION IN HER” and create a definite organ (vaginal,uterus and fallopian tube) And today she is happily married with a baby kicking in her womb. Men and brethren what can we say to this great God.

In case you have similar case, Make Sure You Visit The lord’s chosen for there no impossibility with GOD OF CHOSEN.


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