Video: President Goodluck Jonathan’s media chat On February 11th, 2015



President Goodluck Jonathan spoke with four members of the press. President Jonathan’s media chat did not mention any major policy changes or announcements, and served to reinforce his position on issues of security and the general elections.

When asked about his confidence in the Independent National Electoral Commission Chairman, Attahiru Jega he responded, “if I feel that Jega is not good enough, for obvious reasons, then I can by provisions in the Constitution that gives the person who appoints the power to remove, and I’ve not told anybody I’m going to remove Jega.” His position, however, seems to conflict with statements from other Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leaders who last week called for Jega’s resignation and incarceration.

On the Chibok girls, President Jonathan asked not to be quoted when the issue will be resolved but did reassure the Nigerian public that “the issues of Chibok girls will get better.”

President Jonathan was puzzled by what he calls “the politiziation of Boko Haram.” He said that “I can’t even imagine someone insinuating that I [would be responsible] for politicizing Boko Haram.” President Jonathan reinforced his previous statements that he is taking the insecurity problems in the north serious, and that elections could not be held this week because of public safety.

President Jonathan made it clear that “elections will be conducted in this country and the government will be inaugurated on May 29th of this year.”

Read the discussion from the event as they happened:

20.21 Thanks for  following our updates. The presidential media chat is over!

20.20 “Election will be conducted in this country and govt will be inaugurated on May 29,” Jonathan one more time reassures Nigerians.

20.19 Jonathan further speaks around campaign funds.“The 21 billion are pledges did you see the cash,” President asks.

20.16 “It is not quite right for anybody to want to contest an election and not be willing to take the outcome.

20.14 “The characters around the Presidential candidates affects the principal during campaigns,” he continues.

20.13 “APC started their campaign before me. They visited like 4 states before PDP started,” Jonathan added.

20.12 “If I assess Buhari now then I’m not be fair to myself and Nigerians.”


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