Video: Rose P. Graham Investigates the London Chatham House Protester


IMG_3601-2Someone wrote: We are still investigating how much APC paid their camera lady (Rose Graham)for exposing her 2 month old baby to rainfall in front of Chatham house today. She even refused to use Umbrella which is Pdp logo. She can’t just be too poor to afford £50 per day for child minder!.One of our newsmen offered her Metro newspaper to cover the baby’s head. The baby wept through out the whole event.It is high time the social services drag her to court for child abuse.What a mother !God is my Witness.

Rose P. Graham was outside the Chatham House, she tried to speak to the rented protesters, a lot of them do not know the objective of the protest, they do not know whom they are supporting, these are supposed to be Nigerian youths who studied in Nigeria and are exported to study in the UK. This is what intellectual poverty can cause.

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