Photos: Women Fight Each Other At Traffic Lights


women-fight-628VIDEO: Women Fight Each Other At Traffic Lights, Two women have been filmed shamelessly brawling in the middle of the road and then calming driving away as if nothing happened. The vicious road rage incident took place in broad daylight at a set of traffic lights in Wollongong, south of Sydney, where punches were thrown, abuse was yelled and both ladies’ sunglasses were sent flying.  The footage was captured by a driver in the car behind them and posted on her Facebook page –  the video has since been viewed over 280,000 times.“Casually waiting at the lights, and this happens! hahahahaha brawls on the streets of Wollongong,” Makayla Van Eimeren captioned the post. The traffic light remained green for the duration of the 40-second stoush, after which the ladies picked up their sunglasses, straightened up their clothes and casually drove off

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