Virgin Australia Plane Forced To Land in Bali Over Fears Of A Hijack


    This Virgin Australian plane pictured above was forced to land on the island of  Bali over fears of a possible hijack. Initially reports said the plane, which was flying from Australia and carrying 150 passengers, was being hijacked by a group of terrorists but it was later found to be an aggressive drunk passenger who was trying to force his way into the cockpit.  The pilot sent a distress signal to airport authorities and the plane was cleared to land in Bali so the situation could be dealt with. BBC reports that immediately the plane landed, the drunk passenger, who had been overpowered by the crew and handcuffed him, was arrested at the airport. Virgin Australia told ABC News that there has been a medical emergency aboard the plane but everything had been settled though the aircraft still remains on the tarmac at Bali’s Denpasar airport.
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