This is the dress that got everybody talking: What color is this dress?


B-2Ep_WWoAAYM_hThis is the dress that got everybody talking, some say its blue other black others say its white n gold. What color do you think its? 

This is the dress currently causing a global Internet meltdown. People all over the world cannot seem to agree on what color this dress is. As funny as it is, a larger percentage of people believe this dress is WHITE AND GOLD, while some other people strongly believe it’s BLUE AND BLACK.
It was not tweaked in any way, it’s simply a dress photographed and uploaded on the Internet like several dresses before it. How it began? A tumblr user, Swiked,  uploaded this on the Internet to seek other people’s opinion after she and her friends argued heatedly on what color the dress actually is.  Now the dress has gone viral all over tumblr, twitter, instagram, Facebook etc, confusing Internet users and generating lots of debates and conflicting opinions. 
There are lots of scientific theories, unscientific guesses and other crackpot ideas as the debate rages on about #thedress  OMG i see white and gold but my friend sitting near me only sees blue and black !!!!
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