What Do You Need to know Before Applying For Google Adsense?


    Google Adsense is one or maybe even the top PPC (pay per click) advert ever. As the name implies, it is owned by Google.It is usually the first move Bloggers go for in order to monetize their blog/website. Some people solicit for adverts from third parties but that doesn’t seem to be so easy except if your blog has a very wide audience online and huge traffic.Third party advertising is the best though because you get 100% of the profit unlike 
    adsense where you get just a percentage of the money paid by the advertisers.
    But the problem now is that many new Bloggers have faced the challenge of getting their 
    blogs approved. 
    In this tutorial, I would bring to your notice 5 Things You Need Before Applying For Google Adsense so you would work with the ideas and have a successful approval from Google Adsense But first, SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>
    What Is Google Adsense?
    Google Adsense as I have already said, is owned by Google. It functions by displaying 
    adverts on blogs that have signed up to display such adverts provided by google.
    When you display the Google adverts on your blog, it is called adsense and the adverts 
    are from advertisers that paid google to show its products or brands, through Google 
    What You Need Before Applying For Google Adsense?
    1. You need a blog: You can start a blog on wordpress or blogspot or even with a custom 
    domain with host of your choice. But since our goal is to get Google Adsense approval, 
    please start your blog with blogspot which is free or use a custom domain which is usually 
    paid for and is been serviced yearly. 
    Even on blogspot, you can pay for a domain name and change your free blogpost address to a paid custom domain. According to my experience, Custom domains get approved easily for Google Adsense than Blogspot.quote me I never said Google Adsense doesn’t approve Blogspot domains Also,
    2. Write An About Page: What I mean by an About Page is writing about yourself and your 
    brand, what you guys do and how you do what you do. 
    Nobody will like to do business with a faceless person or blog as in this case. In the same way, Google Adsense won’t put ads on a blog they don’t know anything about. And,
    3. Write A Privacy Policy Page: Privacy Policy involves telling visitors why you want 
    their information, what you would do with their information and so on.
    Having a policy Page makes Google feel safe to know their ads are safe on your blog and 
    your not a crook. 
    Don’t Be Lazy…
    4. Have More Than 300 Posts: Yes! Have more than 300 posts! You just can’t write 30 or 40 posts and expect anyone to think you are serious with your blog.
    By the way, when I say 300 Posts, I mean each post  should have nothing less than 250 words. Lastly,
    5. Register Your Site In Google Webmaster Tool: Google Webmaster Tool helps you verify you own your blog and gets it quickly indexed on Google search engine quickly.That would help you get traffic from Google search engine which is necessary to even make anything from Google adsense.With this tutorial on 5 Things You Need Before Applying For Google Adsense, Google Adsense would be glad to have you in their program!

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