What happens when couples live apart?


love1Long ago, in a faraway kingdom, a Miss met a Mr when she was singing in the woods. They fell in love and lived happily ever after. Fast forward many decades later, priorities have changed. School, work and even the task of parenting have overshadowed the tendency to defer to romantic fantasies. As a result, couples find themselves in long distance relationships due to circumstances beyond their control.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. “Yeah right!” is usually the almost predictable reaction of anyone in a long distance relationship. But in truth, a number of advantages come with dating over distance:

Builds trust

Trust is vital to the success of any relationship and distance doesn’t make it any easier. Distant couples find themselves constantly worrying about what the other person is doing at the time, and friends are sometimes not helpful. Doubts begin to crop up, jealous rages become frequent and the couple find themselves asking if the effort is worth it in the long run. A long distance relationship tests the couple’s level of trust at its utmost and if the relationship scales through, the couple can survive anything.

Enjoy better communication

Communication may also become a challenge and long distance relationships help. It becomes easier to share more because looking forward to speaking with the person makes the heart skip joyfully, since one would not want to take for granted the fact that the person is miles away, especially with the erratic network services available in this part of the world. The available moments are a treasure for keeps.

The sweet joy of independence

Long distance relationships help an individual enjoy some ‘me’ time which is necessary to retain some sense of self so the person doesn’t get lost in the shadow of the partner. One becomes forced to take critical decisions and weather storms alone, and in the long run, become a better person. Also, there isn’t the constant need to be on your toes. Imagine a lady having a pedicure and speaking to her significant other via Skype as well. Almost impossible in a face-to-face situation!  SEE MORE ON PAGE2

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