What is AIRTEL Webpass? You can now buy data packages based on the time or content you need using Airtel Opera Mini Webpass


M_Id_396836_AirtelWhat is AIRTEL Webpass?

AIRTEL Webpass is a service provided by Airtel Nigera and Opera that gives you internet browsing using Opera Mini for a period of time and within data limits for a fixed fee. Some passes let you browse all sites on the web, while others are limited to specific sites for as much as 30 Minutes (N30) or daily (N10) Facebook packages. You can also pay for the hourly (N50) or daily (N100) unlimited packages to suit your needs. In short, you pay for Internet access only when you need it.

Is there a data limit on my web pass?

Yes. Even though web passes are time-based, there is also a maximum data limit for each pass, shown in the pass description. The limit should cover normal browsing of websites. You’ll see a warning when you reach the data limit.

Who can subscribe to AIRTEL Webpass?

All Airtel Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers can subscribe to the AIRTEL Webpasses. How do I subscribe to a AIRTEL Webpass?

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