What Killed Nollywood Actor Muna Obiekwe?

Muna-Obiekwe-2What Killed Nollywood Actor Muna Obiekwe? The Late Nollywood actor, Muna Obiekwe had been battling with renal failure but kept it away from friends and colleagues. Muna needed millions for his health problems, but instead of seeking for funds from the public, he told his friends that he was planning a stage play to raise money. These days, it is quite common to find on TV, radio and internet sites, people seeking for funds, always in the millions, to save Nigerians with renal failure who need to go for an organ transplantation like that of music producer and singer, OJB Jezreel, who needed about N16M for a kidney transplant.muna - dialysisRenal failure, sometimes called kidney failure or renal insufficiency is a medical condition in which the kidneys fail to adequately filter waste products from the blood. It could be acute renal failure which is quite reversible if proper treatment is administered or Chronic kidney disease (CKD)  which is the long term consequence of irreversible acute disease or part of a disease progression. Renal failure ranks high among killer illnesses in Nigeria, but unlike malaria and HIV/AIDS, it is often ignored. In the past, kidney issues were considered as exclusive disease of the aged, particularly in Nigeria. Today, more Nigerians, children inclusive, are coming down with the ailment.mu1-268x300

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