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WHEN SHALL WE GET IT RIGHT AGAIN “Have you taken a careful look at the back picture of the N20 note?”

Have you taken a careful look at the back picture of the N20 note?

The woman on Nigeria N20 note is Ladi Kwali (1925 – 1984). She was born in the village of Kwali, Gwari region of Northern Nigeria, where pottery was a common occupation among women.

She was so skilled that her work became known in Europe, Britain and America. In the late 1950s and early 1960s, her work was displayed in London at the Berkeley Galleries. She became Nigeria’s best-known potter,
was awarded a doctorate and was made MBE in 1963 despite not having a formal education. This woman’s
photographs appear on our national currency because some white men appreciated her hard work and lifted her up irrespective of her background.

This is how far the whites can go to reward hard work. In our Nigeria of today what has gone wrong? Do we care about hard work again? Do we even give jobs on merit? Parents even harass teachers to pass their dull children and give them good grades. Touts and outlaws get the best appointments and contracts in your governments.

Have you remember the last time any Nigerian University had a convocation? Who do they honour? The highest bidder of course! We have thrown away the value of hardwork. Even in the University, lecturers are no longer employed on merit. We must ask ourselves basic questions- where is all these taking us to?

The 2015 general election has come and gone but the manner in which some people have been rewarded is a thing of concern. Many people were not rewarded accordingly.

For instance in my state, people who gave their all to ensure that APC stands in Benue have now been sidelined due to their values for uprightness. We must make bold to stop this. Hard work must be encouraged by all Nigerians at all levels in all sectors.

We must go back to the drawing board and think of rewarding hard work. Nigerians are hard working people but they must be encouraged. The more we refuse to encourage hard work, the further we move away from development. The time to think right is now.

Good morning Nigeria.

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