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“Awolowo was 37 years, Akintola 36, Ahmadu Bello 36, Balewa 34, Okotie-Eboh 27 and Enahoro 27 and they led the struggle for Nigeria Independence after the death of Macaulay. Only Zik was 42 at the time!

In 1966, the first military coup was led by K Nzeogwu who was 29 years and countered by M. Mohammed 28, T. Danjuma 28, I. Babangida 25, J. Garba 23, Sani Abacha 23, and M. Yar’adua 23, and brought into power Y. Gowon 32, Ojukwu 33, Obasanjo 29, and Buhari 24!

Most of the military governors who governed the states under the successive military regimes were under 30 years.

Also, the brief democratic dispensation which interjected the military interregnums also saw some Senators and members of the House of Representatives, in particular, populated by persons under 30!

Under 30’s were also not in short supply with appointments – we have examples of MT Mbu who became Nigeria’s Foreign Affairs Minister at 23 and Pat Utomi who became a Federal Adviser at 27 and so on and so forth!

NOW: Why is it that almost all this age bracket is today still sleeping in 3-seater chairs in their parents’ homes?

Why is it that this age bracket is today still collecting pocket money from their parents?

Why is it that this age bracket is today still writing JAMB?

Why is it that this age bracket today still ‘sagg’ their trousers?

Why is it that this age bracket is today still searching for jobs and not yet married?

Why is it that this age bracket is today no longer qualified to even be leaders of youth wings of political parties?

Why is it that this age bracket is today so docile?

Why is this age bracket today incapable of feeding itself?

Why is it that this age bracket is today barred from even aspiring to certain political offices?

Why is it that this age bracket is today incapacitated, unwilling, unable and incapable of asking questions?


From Prof Wole Soyinka.

This is real Food for Thought!👀🙏

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  • ‘wake up nigerians’
    ‘where did we go wrong”
    Either Soyinka was high on Ojuelegba expired weed or someone just wanted to type a sand taste write up and circulate it faster using his name.
    Someone like soyinka shudnt b d one to say such tinz as age bracket tinz
    23,26,33,36 yeah! So?
    We all knw doz tinz where possible in d first republic coz of d opportunity d wyt gave doz dey met on ground
    Of coz “catching dem young” was d order of d day den
    Buh in Nigeria nw, Dey derive joy in failing students,evn d people dat brought d Education is nt as Crude as d way Nigerians Examine students
    Dz so called soyinka is a living evidence of dat, he knows wat he graduated wt in nigeria(not first class! U all knw dat)
    And when he went outside Nigeria(Distinctions)
    Nw u see?Only in Nigeria a lecturer wl b smirking abt a 15yr old bn in 100L dey wl b lik “u stl shud b in js by nw” Y?
    Only in Nigeria a lecturer wl tell a student it’s hard to av five in my course
    Dat aside.
    D issue of (23,33 age bracket nt bn in power) u know wat Godfatherism is ryt? Nigeria is d definition
    And where we went wrong to ans dat question is nt embracing “Revolution” we shoulda wipe away doz browned teeth grand father’s and ancestors,doz in d first republic are stl doz cabals u hear of der names,dey dnt Wana leave der
    As for one Nigeria?
    Der was Neva a nation
    We nt one
    D british came and met separate autonomous entity wt distinct historical background
    In nigeria, we owe more of our allegiance to our root,nt d nation
    If anybody does smtin extra ordinary
    Pple wl b like
    Twas a yoruba who did dz
    Twas an igbo man who did dat
    An Hausa was d one dah designed greatest car
    We all Wana promote our tribes, dats whr our “nationalism ” lies
    And as long as we nt frm d same root,we dnt wanna see odas doing it beta Dan us
    In nigeria
    We are like Crabs in a basket
    The youth are not at any fault,rada d socalled godfathers who has bn calling us “leaders of 2moro” and we all knw “2moro” Neva dies,2moro cud go on an on!
    Nigeria was a Mistake! #Period!
    So dz is nt a food for thought,buh a stone dah shud b thrown bck at him

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