Where is Nollywood Benita Nzeribe?


benita-nzeribe2One of the most popular faces of Nollywood in the late 90’s, Benita Nzeribe is at the moment, as the actress has gone awol  in the past four years . But she recently surfaced at the Africa Magic at 10 party in December 2013. She was all smiles on the red carpet in a LBD.

Though the actress was announced as the new face of the Nigerian Airspace Management Authority (NAMA),early this year, Nzeribe in an interview last year, denied that she had been missing in action.

“I have not really been  away . One thing about entertainment is that no one ever leaves it . I have been around and I’m active. I do jobs that come my way but I am a very patient person and not swayed at all . I have not been away from the big screen. I just have a different project and responsibility on my shoulders and I’m moving on by the grace of God .

She also added that she had become a UN  peace Ambassador.  See more on page 2

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