Who are your Top Five Funniest Comedians in Nigeria?


1368011637jokeWho are your Top Five Funniest Comedians in Nigeria? Comedy in Nigerian today has grown to becoming not just a hobby but a source of livelihood. With the spontaneity and relatable jokes that comedians tell, there is no doubt that the art is here to stay. With a review of the comedy industry, here is our list of the top five funniest of them all. Feel free to add yours if they didn’t make this list.



Godwin Komone, a.k.a Gordons, is one stand-up comedian with an enormous ambition and passion for his job. Like a modern Alexander the Great, he is obsessed with a desire to conquer the hearts and souls of Nigerians.

This Urhobo-born Integrated Science graduate from Delta State University (DELSU) has performed at many A-list events. According to him “comedy, for me, is not a career; comedy is life. Asking me if I will stop is just like asking a prophet if he will stop prophesying. I may stop doing major comedy but I can’t stop being funny. People don’t take me serious when I am trying to express myself, but I understand the job I do”.



Bowoto Jephta also known as Akpororo is one of Nigeria’s finest comedian with so much swagger and too much anointing. He started comedy around 2008 and had his breakthrough in 2010 after his recognition at the AY Open Comedy Mic show.

According Akpororo, he draws his inspiration from the bible and messages preached in church. He also tells jokes about pastors and madmen because the deliverance of madmen fascinates him. The young star who grows up in the Niger Delta region tried a lot of other things like singing, playing football, table tennis, swimming, etc before his big break.

Akpororo had issues with his parents concerning his comedy career at his early stage,” But with time, they didn’t have a choice than to key in into my ‘ministry’ (comedy) when I started making headway with it” he says. The Lagos State University student who is studying Sociology looks up to Gordons, Gandoki and Bishop Mattew.  SEE MORE ON PAGE2

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