Who Is General Muhammadu Buhari ? Biography/Profile/Curriculum Vitae Unveiled


Buhari-2015-BN-1-600x901-3Who Is General Muhammadu Buhari ? Biography/Profile/Curriculum Vitae Unveiled

A native of Katsina State, Muslim, born in 1942, Buhari was 7th head of state of Nigeria (1983 – 1985. His initial military training was at the Nigerian military training school and military college, Kaduna. This was furthered at the Officer’s Cadet School (UK), Army Mechanical Transport School (UK), Defence Services’ Staff College (India), and United States Army War College. His previous work experience includes: Governor (North-Eastern Nigeria, 1975), Federal Commissioner for Petroleum Resources (1976-78), Chairman, NNPC (1978), Chairman of Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF, ’95 – ’99).

Within 2 years of military rule, Buhari implemented a number of measures, some of which were considered extreme, hence his reputation as being authoritarian. Nigerians were forced by whip-brandishing soldiers to queue up at bus stops; tardy civil servants were subjected to ‘frog jump’ punishment, and press freedom was restricted. In a bid to grow the economy, imports were cut, resulting in a rise in commodity prices and ultimate inflation. However, in 1995, he was appointed chairman of the PTF by the Sani Abacha administration. There is a general perception that he handled this excess oil revenue fund with transparency and efficiency.

Relative to the political scene, Buhari is certainly not a newcomer. In 2003 and 2007, he contested the presidential elections on the ANPP platform and lost in both cases to the ruling party, PDP. He unsuccessfully challenged both election results in court. buhari-and-osibanjo1

He is judged to be a man who commands a sizeable level of followership and respect, especially in some northern circles. This may not be unconnected with the successful implementation of an anti corruption and indiscipline campaign during his military rule.

Many Nigerians still see this effort as having instilled the highest level of order, discipline and perhaps accountability in the nation’s history.

On the global front, Buhari is reported to be well respected. It is on record that he and Nelson Mandela were the only private African individuals invited by the White House to Barack Obama’s inauguration ceremony.

To the average Nigerian youth, Buhari falls into the older generation category. While he also has employed the use of a website and electronic social networking as campaign tools, it is not clear whether he will fit well to bridge the generational gap between past leaders and the current crop of upwardly mobile, technology-enabled Nigerian youth.

Regarding national issues such as accountability and governance, he proposes the concept of an online budget monitoring and performance system. He has set a target to generate and distribute at least 15,000 MW of electricity by 2015, achieve a real GDP annual growth of 10%, transform the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) to a commercial business, and progress the implementation of the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB). A critical point of his manifesto is to make information technology, manufacturing, agriculture and entertainment Nigeria’s key economic drivers. Are these goals a possible recycling of old political promises or do they portend fresh and innovative resolutions to issues?Muhammadu-Buhari

General Buhari’s current campaign is centred on providing good governance, economic recovery and infrastructure development, power and energy, agriculture, education, health, land and transport, women empowerment, security and the Niger-delta and unemployment. These goals with sub-activities are identifiable in his published manifesto online. The dichotomy of his person still poses the question – military or democrat?

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  1. Yes, this man could serve the measure we need at this particular time, if we refer to the principle and will he had, at the time he was the head of state. federal republic of nigeria.

  2. my name is pastor ayo akinleye.i wish to congratulate general Mohammadu buari for the victory God has giving him.if you can go through all the mails you will discover that i wrote you on this platform telling you that am a minister of God but not a politician. i don’t know other platform to reach you than this .that during my waiting period on God in prayers, that God told me that you are going to be the next Nigeria president,that your victory is going to be through battle and attack.that God will give you victory.but God told me to warn you that you must not forget him and Nigeria.now you have won the prophecy has come to stay.yet God still send me to you to tell you that you must not forget him and Nigeria more expectation are on you may God give the capacity.once again congratulation.

  3. I manko muhammadu wish to congratulate general muhammadu buhari for his electoral sucess of april 28 /04/2015 poll.I wish more grease to ur elbow.

    I also requested dat as a graduate of business education from federal collage of education, d peoeple’s general would pay attntion to employment of pro fessional teachers, education, schorlaship for nigerian student as well as combating curruption.I believe general to be of high level of honesity and integrity.this deserable quality would go a long in order for him to combat curruption.cnogratulation once again!

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