Who is Muyiwa Ademola? See one of his captivating Interviews


muyiwa-ademolaWho is Muyiwa Ademola? See one of his captivating Interviews, Muyiwa Ademola needs little or no introduction to avid viewers of Nollywood Yoruba films. The actor-cum producer has featured in and produced numerous captivating mov­ies among which “Alapadupe” trans­ported movie buffs to another realm. As it were, little is known about his royal background as a Prince from Ago –Owu.

In this interview, the multi award winning moviemaker and celebrated actor reveals the fact about himself among other issues.

What has been your biggest achievement in Nollywood?

Do I have any biggest achievement, I don’t know because to me I’m still going to achieve and work towards something big. It’s a race, a destination not yet reached, best not yet done. But so far so good I think my film entitled “Alapadupe” brought me the great­est kudos so far, I felt like a president when people approached me and say “Muyiwa, I have made up my mind to stop serving God, but when I watched your film: “Alapadupe”, I just can’t stop serving the Almighty God.

What inspired the movie?

I went to a place about 10years ago. There a Muslim clergy man was trying to console a deceased wife who lost her husband to an auto crash and the Alfa said:

“Alapaduupe lolorun Oba, tobasepe gbogbo yin lewa ninu moto pelu arakunrin wa nko kileefe bolorun fa” (God is someone deserving thanks, even when someone dies, what if all of you were together with the deceased in the car what would you have done). Then I thought of it that if God could decide to kill only one person and not all of us, then he is worth worshiping. So that motivated me into educating people about need towards giving thanks to God in all situations.

Who is Muyiwa Ademola

An actor, jack of all trades and master of all; though people don’t know I am a prince because I choose to keep that aspect of me to myself.

Muyiwa Ademola is a prince from Oke-ago Owu and my big uncle, Adetokunbo Ademola is the first chief justice of the federation, people don’t know we are from the same lineage, actually my father is late, but before he died he was always called upon to attend Omo Oriade’s meetings and the likes.


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