Who is the Funniest BBAHotshot Housemate? Macky2 Wins The Funniest Housemate

Macky2_wins_funniest_day42_bba9Who is the Funniest BBAHotshot Housemate? Macky2 Wins The Funniest Housemate, A definite highlight this week was the disappearance of Biggie, followed by the introduction of Figgie. A female Big Brother, or Big Sister rather, shook up the house with hard-hitting diary sessions, constructive criticism, tough love and more than her fair share of flirting. Housemates were initially taken aback at the new Figgie, with her awkward questions and mischievous manner. However, they soon warmed up to her and we were beginning to wonder whether she had replaced Biggie in their hearts. But as much as they loved Figgie, the Hotshots were soon calling out for Big Brother, saying how much they missed him, and even comparing notes with one another about the Big Siblings.It was the perfect week for Figgie to make her appearance, as the gender balance in the house finally reached equilibrium, with seven males and seven females remaining. With balance restored, it was time for Big Brother to take a backseat to his devilishly delightful sister, giving her a chance to whip some order into the house, along with a dash of fun. It will be interesting to see who leaves tonight and whether or not this balance will be upset.  SEE MORE ON PAGE 2

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