WHO Says Ebola Male survivors shouldn’t have sex for 3 months


Ebola-survivorWHO Says Ebola Male survivors shouldn’t have sex for 3 months, The World Health Organization (WHO) has advised male survivors of the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) to abstain from sex for three months in order to prevent further transmission through their semen. The WHO stated this on Friday adding that semen could remain infectious until long after a patient is cleared of the disease.

“Men who have recovered from Ebola virus disease should be aware that seminal fluid may be infectious for as long as three months after onset of symptoms.” “Because of the potential to transmit the virus sexually during this time, they should maintain good personal hygiene after masturbation, and either abstain from sex (including oral sex) for three months after onset of symptoms, or use condoms if abstinence is not possible,” the WHO said in a statement. An Indian man, who was treated for Ebola in Liberia, was recently stopped on arrival at the New Delhi airport after his semen was found to contain traces of the virus.

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