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DREADLOCK wearing Jumoke Alawode-James ended up studying Mass Communication because she dread Mathematics in school. Now operating on the set of Your View as one of the hosts, she recaps how it all started and why she is still single.

Briefly tell us about yourself.

I organise events, that’s my day job.  At night I like to do poetry, spoken words like music, dance. I am on Your View in the morning where I express all my thoughts.

How do you find time to gather all your thoughts before coming on air?

I am a deep thinker, I do research online.

What is your role in the programme?

I am a co-host, we just share our thoughts on the show.

Is broadcasting your background educationally?

Yes, I have a Masters degree in Mass Communication from the University of Lagos.  I also have a Masters degree in International Law and Diplomacy at the University of Lagos.

That means you have always been fascinated with the job?

Yes, I started presenting on television before getting into the university to do it professionally.  While I was young my mother complained I talk too much, she knew what I would become.

So, how did you find yourself in broadcasting, you could have ended elsewhere?

I wasn’t good at Mathematics.  By the time I was going into the university, Law and Mass Communication didn’t require Mathematics and I don’t have a credit in it.  I didn’t like law.  It appears there is too much hard work there, so I opted for Mass Communication.

How would you describe your experience on Your View?

Fantastic, they say women can’t work together but we are proving them wrong.  We have disagreement and we don’t let that affect our relationship.  Morayo is a team leader, we relate like sisters.

Since inception, which topic has generated the most responses which you enjoyed so well?

Marriage, because I am still single.  It’s the most controversial topic, I have enjoyed it.

What is your first day like on TV?

Very interesting, I love it.

What are your unique qualities?

I am my own person and I don’t apologise for being who I am.  I am comfortable in my own skin.

So, what is delaying you from getting married?

I am in my 30s.  All my life I have not dated a lot of men, so I don’t have load of men to choose from.  A lot of men might not be too comfortable with my personality.  My mom would tell me to relax myself but I believe there is a man out there for me.  Marriage is a lifetime journey.  I won’t compromise what I believe regardless of the pressures.

Is your hair dreadlocks?

Yes, I have had it for ten years. It’s one of my personal qualities of standing out. I love hair that won’t make one visit the salon all the time.

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