Why is Denmark the Happiest Country in The World?


10915337_10204946268789826_7012106297328035946_nWhy is Denmark the Happiest Country in The World?  Studies have shown that people from Denmark are officially the happiest people on Earth, and now scientists think they know why. According to research from the University of Warwick, genetics could be the key to explaining a nation’s levels of happiness. Researchers who looked at survey data from 131 countries found that the closer a nation was genetically to the Danes, the happier its people were.


Last year’s World Happiness Report from the United Nations ranked Denmark the happiest nation on Earth, with an average life satisfaction score of 7.69 out of 10. It was followed by four other northern European countries, Norway, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Sweden. The UK was ranked 22nd on the list of 156 countries, with a score of 6.88.  The world’s most miserable country was said to be Togo, west Africa, which managed only 2.93 on the satisfaction scale. Other African countries also dominated the bottom of the ratings. Denmark has also topped the European Commission’s “Eurobarometer” table of citizen well-being and happiness every year since 1973.


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