Why “My Oga At The Top” Jokes Must Stop: Obafaiye Shem Suspended


After a certain Nigeria Civil Defence Corp bigwig appeared on Channels Television some days back, a tsunami of various kind of jokes swept the entire airwaves and social media on how the guess kept on referring to his boss several times as “my oga at the top” and how the man basically doesn’t know his organizations website address. People of all ages and class had various Display Pictures on their Blackberry Phones, Twitter, Facebook and other social networking websites. Meanwhile, it has also been reported that Shem’s wife forced her way into Channels TV studio yesterday to protest bitterly to the chairman of Channels, the embarrassment the viral video has caused her family. According to the wife, she said that her kids were being ridiculed at school by their peers and that neighbors and fellow market women make jest of her daily. She also added that her husband hardly sleeps at night again because of the terrible embarrassment the video has caused him. Since the video went viral, almost every joke cracked in the country is laced with a tinge of “My Oga At The Top”. On BBM, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Radio and TV; you are reminded of the phrase every where you turn. 

Have we taken things too far? The mistake we all are making is we aren’t concerned if the man was able to give substantial answers to vital questions thrown to him, example is clearing the air of the allegations made by the public that the agency is deep into job racketing. If after posting dehumanizing jokes, graphical and video image on the man from National Civil Defence Corp it doesn’t still bring about accountability and transparency in the agency, then who is now the big fool? Obafaiye Shem, the Lagos state commandant of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corp (NSCDC) has now been temporarily suspended following his “My Oga At The Top” comment which went viral after his live interview on Channels Television breakfast programme – Sunrise Daily. it was reported that he was suspended after pressure emanated from the supervising ministry over his conduct at the interview in Lagos. During the interview, the Lagos commandant could not tell the interviewer’s the website address for his organisation and he continuously referred to his boss as “My Oga At The Top”. Is it the Man who kept praising “his oga at the top” while still getting kick backs from job racketing and other corruption based practices or the masses who were once making jest of the officer and are still jobless and with no hope of getting a job. Nigerians should also realize they are doing the Officer more good than harm. Nigeria is a nation operated and governed on the basis of sentiments. Once you superior sees you as someone who is loyal and cool headed, they overlook your very great flaws which may include ignorance, corruption and even sluggishness.

 A man who came on National Television to keep showering praises at “his oga at the top” even while being made to look silly is no where a fool. He understand the “Laws Of Power” as well as the Nigerian Hierachy rules and regulations and his acting according to the script perfectly. No one should be surprised if within a few months, this man that is being made jest of today for his ignorance is promoted severally even before his promotion is due.
The current president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan is a typical example of someone who understands the Nigeria Policy. When his former boss and Governor of Bayelsa was facing allegations of money laundry and embezzlement by the EFCC and Bayelsa State. House Of Assembly, all indications were obvious of his boss impeachment and Jonathan rising to the number one seat of his state as Governor, he (Jonathan) was never in a hurry to take over power. He praised his former boss even after he became governor. Same scenario took place a few years later only this time he assumed the president of Nigeria. Yet with all the many flaws of Jonathan and his government today, never has once Jonathan come out to run down the late President Umar Yaradua or his policies while in power.
There are rules in leadership and followership and the number one binding rule is Loyalty.For those mocking this man about not knowing his organization’s website address, even though it won’t stand as an excuse not to know it, do this people also realize that more than 95% of our present Bank CEO’s do not also know their bank’s website or slogan. Most Nigerian Senators, Honorable members, Ministers and Governors can’t recite Nigeria’s National Pledge not to talk of the Anthem.
Let’s start tackling more inportant issues and look for solutions rather than being engrossed in irrelevant and non beneficial discussions.
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