Why Nigerians Are Returning To Use Blackberry?


black-berries2When Android smartphones made their debut into the country their entry was silent. The earlier Android devices largely went unnoticed, until the Android revolution started. From then on, more and more Nigerians became intrigued over the plethora of applications available for download that were both entertaining and functional. The multimedia and gaming capabilities, coupled with a large screens made these phone very appealing. The fact that Android phones were mostly touchscreen gave them some semblance to the classy iPhone and iPads, and this feature made more Nigerians drawn to them. Tecno and other Eastern brands gave Nigerians good performing Android devices at affordable prices and this encouraged even more Nigerians to join the Android bandwagon.

However, the joy of having an Android phone seems short-lived for many users because of the challenge of data subscription costs. Compared to BlackBerry data subscriptions, data subscription for Android smartphones and tablets costs far more.

Speaking with Digital Savvy on the matter, a smartphone dealer, David ‘Professor’ Apple, said that many Android phone users were switching back to BlackBerry devices because of high data subscription costs on Android. “This is the reason many Android users are going back to BlackBerry. The cost of subscription is relatively high. Most Blackberry subscriptions cost N1,000 on most networks and the data that comes with it can conveniently last up to a month. But for Android, the charges are far higher and the data for one month does not last,” he said.   SEE MORE ON PAGE2

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