Woman Abandons Husband & Three kids For Armed robbery


suspectsA 27-year-old Victoria Amodu and her partner, Ahmed Isiaka, who were part of five-man robbery gang operating along Seme-Badagry- Mile 2 route have been arrested by the Lagos state police command.They specialized in robbing unsuspecting passengers who board commercial cab along Badagry-Mile 2 route – however, the hands of law caught up with them recently.

They were arrested after a victim whom they robbed reported the incident at the Ojo Police Division which began investigating the activities of the gang. As fate would have it, the female police officer investigating the case at the division was also robbed by the gang when she boarded their vehicle while in mufti.  She was able to get details of the vehicle during the attack and the next day, she arrested the suspects.

Narrating how she joined the gang, Victoria explained, “I was arrested at Dakar Hotel in Seme where I used to work as a prostitute. I am from Edo State. I came to Lagos last February to look for greener pastures when my husband was constantly beating me. We were married for eight years.

I abandoned my husband and three children and came to Lagos with the intention of living under the bridge until I found a place to lay my head. Fortunately for me, I didn’t have to sleep under the bridge as I met a lady in a commercial bus I boarded who had compassion on me when she saw me crying in the bus. She took me to the hotel where she was working as a prostitute and introduced me into the league of prostitutes.  SEE MORE ON PAGE2

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