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Wrongly jailed Chinese man claims 2.82 million yuan in compensation


A Chinese man who was mistakenly jailed for seven years for a murder he did not commit has applied for 2.82 million yuan (435,185 U.S. dollars) in state compensation last week.

Yong Kuikui, 35, submitted the application to Tonghua Intermediate People’s Court in northeast China’s Jilin Province through his attorney.

His compensation claim includes 620,709 yuan for violation of personal freedom, 1.5 million yuan for spiritual damage, 500,000 yuan for health and 200,000 yuan for loss of work.

In July 2009, Tonghua Intermediate People’s Court issued a verdict that Yong, a resident from Siping City, murdered a 74-year-old woman at a fruit store on Jan. 19, 2008 after a dispute. The verdict was based on police evidence that his fingerprint correlated with those found on a bag of oranges that were left behind at the scene. Yong was sentenced to death with a two-year reprieve.

Yong appealed to the Jilin Provincial Higher People’s Court, which revoked the rule due to lack of evidence and ordered for a retrial. The provincial court said no evidence could prove that Yong left the fingerprints on the oranges at the scene. The Tonghua Court, however, sentenced Yong for a second time, again with a death sentence, in December 2010.

The ruling was again rejected by the Provincial Higher People’s Court in June 2012, but Tonghua Court sentenced Yong to death for a third time in October 2014.

Yong, however, continued to appeal to the provincial higher court. And on Dec. 4, in a final ruling, Jilin Provincial Higher People’s Court declared Yong innocent due to lack of evidence.

Yong had been detained throughout the trials that lasted 7 years and 9 months, which he said had incurred multiple illnesses to him. Besides the economic compensation, Yong has also demanded an apology from Tonghua Court.10660163_1100636026643883_7009953377136753065_n 603044_1100636023310550_5736475579137559413_n

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