Xenophobic Attacks Updates & Video: More Than fifty Africans killed or Burnt alive By South Africans in South Africa


10451905_10203733826218554_7468176369093686844_nFor The past Few Days more Than fifty or more Africans have been killed or burnt alive by South Africans in South Africa because they don’t want to accommodate Africans from Other Region of Africa in their land. While this jobless indigenes burn and looth businesses belonging to this foreigners The South African Police stood and watch and lives and taken and properties destroyed.African Governments jointly fought for the liberation of Black Africans in South Africa. Now South African Blacks are killing their Brothers and Sisters that gave up their own lives to buy them Freedom. 11100808_10203733831618689_4972971078052041596_n 11130453_10203733826858570_8404973837422900605_o 11133755_10203733826098551_5257376023767169281_n



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