Yoruba Actor Saidi Balogun Says People should learn from my past marriage


62e61f3b311c1e6679b1979edbee770a_LPopular movie producer and actor, Saidi Balogun, is unhappy and the reason is connected to piracy that has hit his business. It is said that pirates have dubbed several copies of his new movie, You or I, despite recent campaigns against piracy in the country. Balogun urged the government to do more to check piracy in the movie industry, adding that it had greatly affected his business. He said, “I don’t know why it is majorly the Yoruba movie industry and independent film makers that are mostly affected by piracy. All I know is that my new movie, You or I, has been pirated and it has made me incur debts. I want the government to please look into it because my life is being pirated away. Government has often said that the movie industry is a major source of employment. If that is true, then government should save the industry by stamping out piracy; it will save us.”

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