Photos: You Probably May Not Be Able To Survive In Oymyakon: The World’s Coldest City


coldest city forest road

Source: Smithsonian

You Probably May Not Be Able To Survive In Oymyakon: The World’s Coldest City , On the way to Oymyakon, gasoline can freeze solid if the vehicle is not left running. Sometimes during long night drives the driver will stop in the middle of the road and sleep in the car with lights shining and the engine running.

coldest city oil can fire

Source: Smithsonian

Shortly before the photo was taken, a young drunk man in Oymyakon warned Chapple, “In the nighttime these streets belong to me.”

coldest city driveshaft torch

Source: Smithsonian

A man uses a torch to thaw the driveshaft of his frozen truck.

coldest city bathroom time

Source: Smithsonian

Due to the difficulty of digging plumbing in the region, most bathrooms are pit latrines out on the street. Retired school teacher Alexander Platonov bundles up to make the dash to the toilet.

coldest city cow stable

Source: Smithsonian

To keep his cows from freezing, farmer Nicholai Petrovich has a highly insulated stable that they sleep in at night.

coldest city supply shop

Source: Smithsonian

Oymyakon has but one shop to provide supplies to the remote and isolated community.

coldest city coal tractor

Source: Smithsonian

Early each day this tractor is used to supply new coal to the plant and remove the burnt cinder from the previous day.

coldest city record low

Source: Smithsonian

A Communist-era sign which reads “Oymyakon, The Pole of Cold” marks the record breaking low of -96.16 °F in 1924.

coldest city heating plant

Source: Smithsonian

Oymyakon’s heating plant runs round the clock with an ever present plume of smoke rising into the winter sky.


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