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Young People of our country, The real victims of corruption By Dotun George

12400710_10205712559396161_7115637884698202221_n These are young people of our country, the real victims of corruption, misrule, bad governance, impunity and recklessness of the vultures in power. They did not protest to have affordable housing, education, stable electricity, jobs, good roads, good and valuable telecommunications systems, workable system of government, to have a nation that works, where everybody’s needs will be attended to, but here they are protesting in support of the yams eater, those who mortgaged their future and left them with no future and sense of belonging. Is this not a shame? Oh it is more than shame, it is absurdity and insanity of the highest order. Except something decisive is done on time to rescue and re engineer the Nigerian youths, the next generation may not get it right.

The tragedy of this nation are the victims of corruption, who put defense for the corrupt elements.

Until the youths of this country stop behaving like a slave, stop being cash and carry in the hands of the vultures in power and until they can have their brain in the right direction and stop acting sometimes like a lunatic, until then, I don’t see enviable future for this country.

Written:  By Dotun George

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