Yvonne Nelson Says To John Dumelo “I’m waiting for the day you’ll post your girlfriend’s pictures so I can be free”



Ghanaian Actress Yvonne Nelson is very good friends with fellow actor John Dumelo and she took to Instagram to wish him a very happy birthday. Yvonne and John are so close that they have been on several occasions rumored to be a couple. It’s so bad that when they share photos on Instagram, their fans ask when they will get married.On Yvonne’s Instagram page, she said “I’m waiting for the day you’ll post your girlfriend’s pic for the world to see so I can be free…..the arguments are out of this world. In our pics we look so perfect but we won’t last a week in a romantic relationship. I’ll investigate every txt n every call……and I know you’ll do the same…..you are more than just a best friend. You are a brother. It’s your special day….your birthday.may God richly bless you and guide you. Have a blast. Enjoy …I’m sure after reading this, you’ll call me and shout  Happy Birthday John Dumelo”.Yvonne promises BFF John that she will make sure when he gets a girl friend she is legit and she is sure that when she gets a boyfriend, John will do the same for her.There you have it guys, there will be no hooking up between the two actors.

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